Gypsy and the Goat

And now to a beer that sounds like a children’s story or a Tripple j hottest 100 winner. This isn’t my first go at this beer but I havent had time to taste it properly and reflect on it a little. Also it kind of went to the back of the fridge.

Now I have time, and I’m looking at emptying out the fridge as I’m moving in a week or so.

My first crack at this beer I wasn’t as into it as I am now. Really enjoying it.

So what is it? It’s a collaboration between Mountain Goat and Mikkeller. Mountain Goat doesnt do anything particularly awesome these days, good standby beers made in Richmond at a cool brewery that does great pizza. You may remember them from beers such as; Hightail Ale and Surefoot Stout. Mikkeller is a wandering gypsy brewer from Denmark but with no real fixed brewery address, all collaborations and contract stuff. He’s a little crazy and there is a YouTube link of him dancing in overalls somewhere. You may remember him from beers such as all the Beer Geek Brunch beers, his single hop beers and collaborations with every brewer worth his salt, if he hasn’t brewed with you and your good it’s just a matter of time…

Now to this beer. A black pepperberry IPA. It’s not the most massive IPA around, even for the black IPA’s that can sort of go either way. They can be massively hoppy (my preference) or just bitter light bodied stouts. This has some balance but I don’t think it all comes from the hops. There are pepperberries in this beer adding a kind of medicinal bitter hit to the beer.

What do they say about it…..Our collaboration brew with Danish brewer Mikkeller is out and about. It’s a Black Pepperberry IPA. Gypsy & The Goat is big, bitter and funnily enough, black. We added local Pepperberries to give a unique warming, peppery finish that blends perfectly with the wheelbarrow load of hops we added with it. For the beer nerds is 7.3% abv, 70BUs. Look for it at all good beer stores

First tast of the beer I had it on its own. Tonight I had it with some lamb cutlets and mashed veg. The food balances this beer out, I think the meat hits a spot with the dark malts and the pepperberries. This one would go well with a steak, or a blue cheese (oh is there some in the fridge?). Well worth finding one if you can but it may be getting tough now as it was a once off deal.

Get some,

Cheers D


One thought on “Gypsy and the Goat

  1. bladdamasta says:

    Yeah, I had it with a steak and it was wonderful.

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