Heretic Evil Cousin, another beer by Jamil

OK bottle number two of my Heretic beers, this time its Evil Cousin – A Massively Hopped Imperial IPA weighing in at 8%ABV. Its a bloody nicehoppy goodness beer. Golden pale and crystal clear, not something I need to see in an IPA, but certainly not a bad thing. It’s a really hoppy beer, the label calls it dank (not sure I’m getting that) I just call it really big and ressony. The hops are kind of coating my mouth but not in an intensively bitter manner. They have thrown a shit load of hops in this beer, mostly at the end of the boil and or the dry hop. Buggered if I know but I like it. I think this beer backs up my thoughts that I have probably overdone my hop intake and have now permanently damaged my hop balance sensors.

I could drink a lot of this beer. No, like really lots, but at 8% that could end interestingly. There may be some dancing. There is just something about hoppy beers that makes me feel happy.

Actually to get a big hoppy beer like this clear would take some effort. Personally I don’t mind a bit of haze in my IPA’s, it shows that the hops are there. Now I don’t need to see chunks of hop leaves floating around, but generally I do like a haze. I’ll let Evil Cousin off on that one.

So you can probably guess that I like this beer, I was probably predispositioned to. Jamil and Soren are my brewing man crushes.

Now to my guess on the name. Botanically speaking hops are a cousin of marijuana. There are lots of hops in this beer. This beer is a little evil. There you go. Maybe thats why hoppy beers make me feel so happy?

No more writing for now, I’m going to lay back and enjoy the rest of this beer and feel Zen, even tbhough I’m not brewing.

Cheers D


3 thoughts on “Heretic Evil Cousin, another beer by Jamil

  1. James says:

    For us in Oz who cant get any heretic beers do you have any idea of the recipe. Malts? Hops?

    • koongara says:

      now thats something I havent thought about. Fairly simple on the malt bill, a bit like my crack at the Union Jack IPA, probably an english yeast, and a lot of hops at the back end of the beer, put about 20 IBU’s uf something clean (Warrior or Magnum?) for bittering up front (60min’s) and add the lions share of the hops in the last 10 minutes, all US hops, simcoe, amarillo, centennial, citra etc. than dry hop it with the same. I think the beer would have been about a 1065 starting gravity? Thats a rough guess with no research, would need to be doing some brewing to progress this idea more but there isnt a whole lot of that going on just now

    • koongara says:

      OK James, recipe thought update, just one hop addition in the boil with about 15 minutes to go is the way to go to replicate what they do at Heretic (they do 0 early hop additions and have a whirlpool) also use some dry hop

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