Haywired by 8 Wired

As you know I love any beer by Soren Eriksen, brewer and owner at 8 Wired Brewing. The man makes some good beer, I’m yet to have a fail from him yet.

Now back to the beer via a long side track. Many of you are familiar with small square hay bales, for those of you that arent they are about 50 cm x 50cm x 80cm. That could be wrong but it’s about right, they are blocks of hay, grass, fodder, crop, all packed together tightly in a parcel that you can store for later use to feed livestock. These bales are bound up with string these days, bailing twine. A black red or blue string that cuts into your hand when you move thousands of the bastards by hand. This was a job I had every year as a kid. I actually liked it and was kind of good at building haystacks (never had one fall over). I also earned enough cash to buy my first car, ah that awesome 1982 Datsun/Nissan Bluebird TRX with a sunroof with a bloody great eagle on it. It was the sporty model, mag wheels and a number of extra gauges. I loved that shitty car. Anyway I carted in thousands of bales of hay each year for quite a while.

Yep, thats a massive head, excitable but tasty beer

Prior to string bales were bound with wire, bailing wire. Now I don’t know what number this wire was, but it was commonly used to fix things.

Gates, fences, cars, radio antenna. Nothing that needed fixing properly but needed to be fixed well enough to get the thing going. Number 8 wire (its a measurement of the weight or thickness of the wire) is also used in a similar manner. I’ve heard Soren talk that there is a link in his brewery name to this principle of patching things up to keep the show on the road, hence the 8 wired name. Add the beer called Haywired and we tighten the link up some more, bailing wire, hay wire, 8 wire.

Anyway I thought that was interesting.

Now to the beer. Its a 4.6% Abv hoppy pale beer with a lot of wheat in it. It’s not a heff or a witt, just a beer with a lot of wheat, hops and a British yeast. I’ve made beers like this myself many a time, I think the last time was for my little sisters wedding, love them. I think the hops and wheat give a really dry quenching taste to the beer. There is something really nice about the combination of an english yeast, some big hops and a bunch of wheat. I often use unmalted wheat but that’s just because its cheap and on hand.

This would be an excellent beer for a hot night (which tonight isnt by the way). I do have to note that the beer was really excitable, way over carbonated making it a bitch to pour but that’s my only negative thing on this beer. Its not a wow beer, but its one I’d happily drink (and brew, well my own version off) again.

Oh and despite all the reminiscing, no I really don’t miss moving all those hay bales. I was young and fit then.

Cheers D


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