GABS, a hungover report

The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular was excellent, don’t let any talk of long waits for beers or other negative comments put any other thoughts in your head. This was an awesome event. The beers, the food, the layout, the venue, the fact that it was about beer tasking and enjoyment rather than some sort of trade display. Also personally I love the idea of a shipping container with 60 taps sticking out of it. I want one.

After GABS I kicked on a bit, few more beers, more discussion about beer, and I think I ended up agreeing to do a half marathon. Thats not good, however a mate has to do the same distance with a dwarf on his back. Not sure that’ll happen. Anyway I am a bit hungover today so I’ll go straight to it and list my tastings with the comments I wrote down. The way I attached the beers was a paddle of fruity and belgo, a paddle of IPA, a black paddle, a sour paddle and a greatest hits what havent I had paddle. I also had a burito 🙂

  1. Croucher ANZUS – 2 ticks, a nice Kiwi IPA
  2. Epic Zythos – Very Good, resiny and citrusy with a nice balanced bitterness
  3. Liberty S!mcoe – OK but dank, bitter but not awesome, very simcoe but not the fresh simcoe flavor
  4. 8 Wired C4 – Soren Ericksen I love you, great coffee sweet espresso taste
  5. Garage Project Double Day of the Dead – Could get lost in this beer, chocloaty yummy complex hot chocolate
  6. Invercargill Red Hot Chocolate – 2 ticks, late hit chilli warming
  7. The Mussel Inn Smoking Swine – Smoky and Meaty, box of matches and some bacon
  8. Yeasty Boys B – Gunnamatta – Very Good, subtle and good bitterness
  9. 4 Pines Beetroot Belgian Ale – Not Purple!, spicy but not any beetroot.
  10. Doctors Orders Plasma – Nice, sweet and fruity, not really my thing
  11. Hop Dog Children of Darkness – Very complex beer, not really like other IBA’s
  12. Illawarra Saison Rouge – 2 ticks, Belgian yeast, good and fruity
  13. Lord Nelson Last Consignment
  14. Murray’s Bobs Farmhouse Ale – not a saison, could get shitfaced on this
  15. The Mash Collective Amasia – interesting but not very rummy
  16. Wig and Pen This Beers not really craft – 3 ticks, bit thin but complex, thankyou very much, nice
  17. Bright Resistance Red Ale – 3 ticks, really really good balance, not extreme but excellent
  18. Hargreaves Hill La Grisette – OK, light body, jammy
  19. Holgate Gruit Expectations – OK, not bad, cinnamon
  20. Kooinda Karaka Bier – cordiall and fruity
  21. Moon dog Mr Mistoffelees – Thats what I want, Sour and tart, 3 ticks, yes thankyou (had 2 of these)
  22. True South Coconut Telegraph Porter – 2 ticks, best beer I’ve had from true south, I am happy, tastes of 2 fruits
  23. Seven Sheds Black Elephant – Spicy/aniseed
  24. Ferral watermelon Warhead – Very nice beer, light fizzy, melony and tart
  25. Nail Brewing SledgehammerIPA – bitter but not awesome, well attenuated and growing on me.

So there it is, there were a few other beers later on but that’s enough of a list for now. My favorites were the beers by Moondog, 8wired, Illawarra, Yeastie Boys and the Garage Project, but I also didnt have any I didnt like.

Might be time to think about another coffee. Well done GABS, that was a great day, looking forward to seeing you again next year, might even do two sessions.




6 thoughts on “GABS, a hungover report

  1. rooboy35 says:

    I’ll have to find my tasting notes to remember exactly what i had and thought of them, but did have some awesome stouts. As for Moondog, if i want a fruit salad I’ll buy one… Now, we need to go chase up that dwarf.

    • koongara says:

      Yep the notes were messy but handy, also I’ll not have you say a bad thing about moondog! Now to the dwarf, what’s more pulley, me doing a half marathon, or Dave doing one piggy backing a dwarf!

  2. Carson Battery says:

    If it was A GREAT EVENT, then why are there comments about long queues? I didnt go, however am keen to next year, just out of interest, how long did it take for you to queue for a tasting paddle?

  3. koongara says:

    well it depends, somewhere between no minutes and around 30. It seems I went to the most populated session though. Managed to have a shite load of beers though. If you are worried about lines go on the friday arvo, apparently that was the shortest queues

  4. bladdamasta says:

    Loved your comment on Murray’s. And jealous that you had a 4 pines variety before me.

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