an assorted post about stuff

I think its been well over a month since I had a full week in the office. Public holidays. Work events. I think there may have been a sickie in there too. This has resulted in general business for me that has meant some of the things I prefer to do  (brewing and blogging) and things I should be doing (going to the gym more) going by the wayside.

This evening I’m blogging and a little earlier I went to the gym, but no brewing this evening, or scheduled in the near future. I’m a bit bummed about it. I need my zen time. Perhaps there will be a day off next week for brewing? sooner rather than later I think otherwise the well of zen may run out.

I will however rant on a list of things that are not really connected, here I go;

  1. Well done channel 7 for getting rid of Better Homes and Gardens, unfortunately they have moved it to Thursday and all the other channels seem to have put on shit viewing to battle it in the ratings wars. Poor form TV.
  2. There is a short fat asian lady that catches the train from Yarraville at about 9am most mornings. She wears headphones and sings in what I think may be Chinese at the top of her lungs. It sounds like something from a bad kung fu movie off SBS combined with someone hurting a cat. Short fat asian lady please stop it.
  3. I booked myself in for some Good Beer Week events today, The Great Australasian Beer Spectacular on Saturday May 12 for the arvo session, and The Raconteur IPA Reloaded. Good Beer Week was great last week, too many events to go to and not enough time. unfortunately for me I’ll be in Sydney for one of the evenings and have a game of footy to go to as well (ok that’s not to tough). Might need to book in some more events. Go to the Good Beer Week website for more info (oh no I can’t be arsed posting a link, I’m lazy)
  4. I grabbed some interesting beer tonight, a collaboration between Mountain Goat and Mickeller. Will get to that at some stage in the future. I think it has pepperberries in it.
  5. Rain gives me the shits as a commuter for two key reasons, it slows the trains down and it makes people get out their umbrellas. I hate umbrellas especially with slow walkers, they take up the footpath, get in my way and I am pretty sure they may be trying to poke out my eye with the spokes of those bloody umbrellas. Bastards
  6. Heston Blumenthal is really cool. I would like some of his potato donuts
  7. ah that’ll do

I need to brew something but until then……..

Cheers D



2 thoughts on “an assorted post about stuff

  1. Stu says:

    It’ll get better. It always does.

  2. koongara says:

    I wouldnt say its bad Stu, just bussy meaning I’m a little low on me time, nothing to big to complain about, but yes better would be good, it always is isnt it?

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