Yep another Saison – Ovila

Today I spent 3 hours counting votes. Last night I had a few beers. yesterday I ran a meeting. Right now I’m lying on the couch, finally home, buggered.

My cure to this is some TV, couch time and a beer. Thanks to my visit to Purvis Beer last weekend I still have an interesting selection in the fridge so I’ve cracked one open. A saison, and yes it’s from the US again, this time made in a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and the Abbey of New Clairvaux. The beer is called Ovila Saison. The beer has a champagne style cork (which I like) but I’m in two minds about the lable, its new looking and clean, but they have had a crack at making it look old, ratty edges and images that look to be of a church.

I’m pretty happy to be drinking a beer that puts back into the community, thanks to the monks way of doing things drinking this beer makes me a philanthropist. Its also nice to see the guys at Sierra Nevada sticking with their principle of being good guys. Making a beer with some monks wasnt something they had to do, it was something they wanted to to. A good thing. I hope they dont start calling this a trapist beer, like the monasteries of Belgium, but it is good to see monks working with brewing.

First taste of this beer makes me think its more in line with a hef, banana and clove notes and a fairly full beer with out a huge level of carbonation. And its a 7% ABV, putting it out of my ideal saison range. I also havent heard of any trapist saisons before. Its a bit too heavy of a beer for me to call it an awesome saison, but its OK. This beer is pretty muted in flavor, not to much yeast character, a bit of a spicy citrus hit.

Add all that up and you get a beer that I like, but I dont know that I’d go out of my way for. Still drinking this beats the shit out of work so thankyou to the monks and Sierra Nevada for doing the right thing and making a good beer, putting some money to a good cause, and giving me a beer to have on a friday evening.

Not an awesome saison in my book though.

Cheers D

PS – as I drink this beer and it opens up the grapefruit citrus hit just gets bigger and bigger, its almost like a US pale ale towards the end

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