Does espresso stout have cafeine?

In for another longish day tomorrow so I’m catching a bit of time on the couch to get be in the right frame of mind. OK I’m only going to Bendigo, but there will be a bunch of fussing around and general annoyance in preparation for the meetings to follow. That in mind I needed a beer to assist in the relaxation and preparation.Action Vlad

What beer I thought? a simple answer really, I had Japanese food for both lunch and dinner (no not for breakfast, I don’t really remember Japanese breakfast being all that different from lunch?) and I have a Japanese beer in my fridge. An Espresso Stout from Hitachino, Nest a most excellent Japanese brewery that always goes by the name of the Kiuchi Brewery.

I love the package design from these guys, the little owl and the writing that some how reminds me of Scooby Do. Now on to the beer, according to the label “the recipe is based on the imperial stout loved by the Russian Emperor” I didn’t know Russia had an emperor, I mean they have Vladimir Putin, he’s probably more like an emperor than a Tzar, which is the proper Russian person in charge title, or at least it was before the communists killed the Tzar. I know this from year 11 history.

OK Putin may actually be the Prime Minister, and used to be the President (or is it the other way around?) He also has a really big Wikipedia page.

Anyway the beer, its smooth and creamy and the roasty character is either really complemented by or influenced by the “well roasted espresso beans” used in this beer. I’m getting some hints of coffee, but that could just be the roast character of the dark malts in the beer (roasting malt and coffee are essentially the same process). That said it’s a fairly balanced beer, and for that foreign extra style that’s almost big enough to be a russian imperial stout its a good beer. It’s also got a lot in common with that Greens dark chocolate – the 80 or 90% cocoa one, a kind of bitter sweet, but more to the bitter end. And its really black with a neat tan head.

I think Vladimir Putin would happily drink this beer when wrestling a bear, riding a horse with out a shirt on and fly fishing and doing some martial arts. It’s that kind of beer. Perhaps that’s due to the caffeine that may be in this beer? I know they use coffee in the beer, but I ‘m not really sure where they use it in the process. Hope the cafeine in this beer dosent keep me awake, I dont have any bears to do martial arts with.

I will have this beer again though, especially if I need to do martial arts with bears or be the Emperor of Russia.

Cheer D

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2 thoughts on “Does espresso stout have cafeine?

  1. Duncan says:

    Keen to try that one, i made one that appears to be similar. I only put a double espresso shot in my 19L batch, so coffee undertones, bugger all caffeine.

    Caffeinated beer makes for a good breakfast beer.

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