Le Merle, a saison

A man with a hammer drill had a very productive day installing air con ducts on the 4th floor of my building. I work on the 5th floor.

King Brown!!

This did not make for a productive day for me. The vibrations went right through the concrete floor, my chair, my desk, my head. After that, a session at the gym and a late train I need a beer.

Thankfully I went to Purvis Beer in Richmond and grabbed a selection of beers over the weekend, mostly new ones and some old favorites. I had a bottle of 8 Wired Tall Poppy watching a DVD on Saturday evening, excellent beer. Love your work Soren. I also had a beer from Brew Boys, a South Australian brewery, King Brown. I think I went to beer school with one of the brewers. It was a nice beer, nothing too amazing, but still quite nice. I have a bottle of their stout in the fridge, apparently its a fairly handy beer.

But now to tonight’s beer, a saison, Le Merle from North Coast Brewing. I grabbed this beer mainly because I havent had it (or heard of it) and figured it couldn’t hurt in my search for the perfect saison. The bottle was interesting too. I’ve had some North Coast Brewing Co. beers before I think at a good beer week event last year. They were solid, nothing awesome, but good beers all the same.

So to this one, Le Merle. It’s a fairly heavy beer, plenty of yeast flavor, almost towards a triple or something bigger than I expect in a saison. It is however 7.9% ABV. That’s a little bigger than I like my saisons. But it is a nice beer, not in the class of a Saison DuPont, but very worthy of drinking. It’s probably closer to the Bridge Rd Saison than the DuPont actually.

However it is not a beer your going to get stuck into as you work in the fields of Walonia, or anywhere else for that matter. And for that reason it wont be something that I’ll aspire to brewing myself as a saison. That said I wouldn’t say not to another one, way better than sitting in the office with a hammer drill going under your feet.

Cheers D

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