Moylans Tipperary Pale Ale, not all that Irish

Its been one of those weeks. I’m flat-out at work, partly due to the short weeks around Easter, and we have our work AGM next week. My apartment is a mess (some would argue that’s normal). I’m sore from my PT session yesterday (no longer considering spewing though) and its been a while since I’ve brewed so the zen levels are a little low. Need to brew more.

It’s not all bad though, I got out-of-town over the weekend, spending some time in Beachworth where I did a little work on a mates vineyard and had a couple of beers at Bridge Rd (thanks for the growler fill of Galaxy IPA Ben), and getting to my uncles 70th birthday at the Beeac pub. All in all a good weekend, if not a little tiring. And the Catters had a win over Hawthorn on Monday rounding out the weekend. And (yes this is one to many and’s) it looks like there is a new series of Voltron, apparently its some reboot of the Voltron Lions series and will be shown on ABC. Loved that show when I was a kid. Hope it lives up to the original.

So that’s a catch up on how I got to feeling buggered right now. Which gets me to the beer I’m drinking – Moylan’s Tipperary Pale Ale. They have them on the shelf at my local Foodworks but I’ve never really been drawn to them. I think it’s the artwork, doesn’t really do it for me. However, this beer, or brewery to be more specific comes with a recommendation.

When Facebook messaging with James from Beer Bar Band (that’s what bloggers do) I commented that I hadn’t had a wow beer for a while, James recommended Moylan’s as his last wow beer. And that’s how I’m drinking it now. He didn’t specify which beer though, perhaps I should have done more homework. Anyway I grabbed two bottles, the pale ale I’m drinking now and an IPA that I might get to later on.

So to the Tipperary Pale Ale, it’s not a wow beer, but its pretty good. A well rounded US pale ale, nice to have a pale ale that’s not trying to be an IPA. It’s just a nice beer, which isn’t at all a bad thing. Not a wow though. I do like that they give a fair amount of info on the ingredients on their website. I could happily settle into a big session on this beer.

The lable indicates that its won a bucket load of awards, and is some kind of ode to the owners Dad and Ireland. No probs with any of that, but it dosent really influence my thougts on the beer.

Perhaps I needed one after the gym yesterday. Get yourself one after a long week, or just when you feel like a good beer, nothing that requires too much thinking though.

No wow yet James, will wait for the IPA for that.

Cheers D

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2 thoughts on “Moylan’s

  1. Pot kettle black was my last wow beer – if you haven’t tried it you have get a bottle, or two, I have a feeling yourself, myself and James were all up in Beechy over Easter, amazing we didn’t all bump into each other

    • koongara says:

      Cheers will have to look into Pot Kettle Black, and yep I was definitley in Beechworth, only spent a few hours in town, and most of that at Bridge Rd having a well deserved beer and pizza after hours lugging boxes of shiraz around. as for bumping into each other, perhaps a good beer week beer?

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