Moylan’s part 2

OK now to the near wow beer,  IPA. NorcalThis is a good beer, a really nice firmly bitt er IPA with a citrus hit. Not massive on the Moylan’s

Moylans Norcal IPA, wow

aroma, but a really nice lingering IPA, this is hoppy but a crisp challenging hoppy. It’s not the biggest beer in the world, nor the most aggressive hop driven beer in the world. It’s also a nice dryish beer, there is some malt to it but it’s not a thick chewy beer that you can’t swallow. I like this beer.

If this beer is what a norther Californian IPA should be then sign me up. James I think I can say wow to this one. For a beer from the other side of the world to land in my local Foodworks in this shape is a testament to the brewers. Well done Moylan’s.

Now stop reading this and go get a beer.

Cheers D

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One thought on “Moylan’s part 2

  1. Had the Nor Cal a couple of days ago, have to agree it’s a very good brew.

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