Bottling fruit beer 3

Well its done. The “Undoubtedly peachy” my peach infused saison is now in the bottle. This will no doubt in either be:

  1. one of the best beers I have ever made
  2. the worst brewing experiment I’ve ever done, not even worthy of pouring down the drain, using to rinse oil stains off the garage floor or feed to drunken iron man challengers at “O” week.

So my full process for making a yet to be proven successful fruit beer are as follows;

  1. make some wort
  2. add some yeast
  3. when the ferment is in full flight, at least 24 hrs in full kraused add the fruit of your choice. I added peaches at the rate of 1kg to 9litres. This was based on listening to the Brewing Network where a range of US and Belgian brewers seemed to average out at a pound per gallon, thats about a killo per 9 litres. The fruit I added was verry ripe, simply cut in half and I left the pits in. Any idea of sterilising the fruit with alcohol or sanitiser just sounds stupid to me and the belgians dont do it so why should I.
  4. let the beer ferment out as normal.
  5. taste the beer.
  6. once you think its done rack the beer off the fruit and yeast.
  7. let it sit for a few days to ensure that its fully fermented.
  8. bottle or keg it as you normally would.

I dont know what happens next as I havent gotten there yet. The beer had an interesting white skim on it, only slight but perhaps it was the beginning of a pelicle? perhaps this sucker is going to go funky in the bottle? I dont know, only time will tell, still it taste’s nice and peachy right now.

So everyone please cros your fingers that I am not woken in the night by the sound of exploding bottles any time in the near future. That wouldnt be fun.

That will do for now.

Cheers D

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2 thoughts on “Bottling fruit beer 3

  1. Saison Man says:

    blend your 3724 with 5-10% of 3711 … it will finish any beer -Saison Man

    • koongara says:

      Cheers Saison Man but some how I’ve never had a failure with 3724 but I also havent tried 3711. Might have to look into giving it a go both on its own and in a blend, I heard you talk about blendign yeasts on the session. I had a crack with the wyeast farmhouse, a special release I think, it seemed to well behaved to be a farmhouse yeast. Not sure when I’ll get a chance to as summer is at its end here in Australia so getting the temp up to crank the saisons along gets a littel tricky from now until October. Will give it a crack though.

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