Bottling Fruit Beer????

A few weeks ago I brewed a saison and chucked in a bunch of peaches. This beer is now nearing being ready for bottling, or at least I think it is. The unpeached version of the beer is good to bottle now, this I know how to handle. However I’m not really certain about what the addition of peaches does to my process of packaging the beer, the following questions are kicking around my head right now:

  1. Does it need more time? if so how much longer?
  2. Should I rack the beer into a secondary fermenter to let it settle away from the peaches and yeast for a while before I package it?
  3. Should I bottle condition it and if I do will all the bottles explode?
  4. Should I just keg it?
  5. What do I do?

If you can answer any of the above please let me know by leaving a comment. I need to figure this one out soon. At my last tasting of the beer it seemed to be tasting ok, not like drinking peach juice, just a nice subtle peachy background.

Actually while I’m back on this fruit beer the ratio of peaches to beer was about 1 kg of yellow peaches to 9 litres of beer (starting gravity was about 1.050) just in case anyone is interested. I don’t know how much extra sugar the peaches would have contributed, they tasted sweet, I’m guessing a bit but they were only cut in half, not all juiced up.

Cheers D

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