Bottling Fruit Beer 2

Well its done, or started. I racked the peach saison off the fruit and yeast into another fermenter. I plan on giving it a few days to settle, eat any extra peach sugars and settle a little before I bottle it.

In all this process I tasted two things, the beer and the peaches. First the peaches, no flavor at all, just mush, and they made it a bitch to decant the beer, all the skins and stones kept blocking the tap.

Now to the beer. It tasted excellent and has led to the beer being named. It tasted “undoubtably Peachy”, or at least that was the first thing I said out loud when I tasted it. It has a massive peach flavor, kind of like that peach flavored ice tea, only a little more natural.

Anyway I’ll give it a couple of days then bottle it up. So far so good on this experiment.

Cheers D

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2 thoughts on “Bottling Fruit Beer 2

  1. I lke the sound of the beer having a “massive peach flavor”! Happy drinking!

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