In 1908 Henry Taylor from Great Britain held the world record for the 1500m freestyle with a time of 22:48.4 (or so Wikipedia tells me). Today I swam 1000m in about 22 minutes.

OK I may not be on 1908 world record time (and since they don’t do 1000m times I figured it was best to compare my time to the 1500 rather than the 800, I mean they are Olympic athletes!), but this is a sign that my regularish attendance at the Gym is resulting in some form of fitness increase. In general I’m feeling pretty good, my back isn’t playing up and the ability to leave the office and let off some steam at lunch time means I havent needed to strangle any coworkers for weeks now.

All in all my gym experiment seems to be working but I don’t really have anything concrete to measure it against. I’m not keeping times or weighing myself (if you’re interested as best I know I’m about 100kg) but perhaps I should but the last time I tried to weigh myself at the gym they scales were broken.

Initially my only goal was to get fit and not be a broken old man, since I seem to have that bit covered (or well underway at least) perhaps I need another goal? maybe the world record for 1000m freestyle? At the moment I’m doing weights/cross training (I think that’s what it’s called?) a couple of times a week and a swim, with a session with Ebony once every fortnight. I find PT sessions like footy training where you are the only one who turned up. I’m thinking about doing some of the classes, probably a spin class, or perhaps one of those horrible looking pump or step ones? Just someting where someone shouts instructions at you.

Anyway the fitness thing is going OK and I just thought I’d share it.

Cheers D

PS – yes the beer is going good too, will need to bottle the most recent saison and figure out how I want to package the peach saison??? oh and I have a pale ale with some fresh hops supplied by Dan fermenting right now. The cool snap came just in time to give me a nice cool ferment.


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