Saison Yeast and Peaches

I had a wedding yesterday. I’m a little hung over. I should be asleep. I’m not. Bugger. Ah well, I’ll write something.

Saison Yeast and Peaches, who would have thought it but it seems that they are friends. I was checking the gravity on the fermenting saisons yesterday so of course I had a taste. The unfruited beer tastes as it should, a little funky, spicy and a hint of tartness.

The fruited beer, well that was the surprise. All the same flavors but with a peachy hint in the background. A bit early to call it yet but this could be on the way to being an interesting beer (fingers crossed, touch wood etc……..). No sign yet of any indigenous yeasts joining in yet. As far as name suggestions so far all I have is “Peer” and “Life’s a Peach”, no decision made yet, will wait until the beer is in the bottle.

Ah well just good to know that the yeast seems happy. Given that it’s the Wyeast Belgian Saison yeast (3724), a strain that plenty of people seem to have issues with. Apparently this yeast has a propensity to crap out part way through a ferment. So far I havent had this issue, all it does for me is make wonderful funky beer. It’s a little more temperamental than the Wyeast Farmhouse strain (a seasonal release) that I’ve done a couple of batches with this year, but it throws some bigger flavors. I did however like the farmhouse strain, quick to ferment and a nice beer but it just lacked something, perhaps it just seemed too easy?

That will do for now. More coffee.

Cheers D


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