2 Good Beers……

It was yet another long day in the office. Lots of random annoying stuff, meetings that annoyed, people who wanted stuff that didn’t make sense. Beer o’clock came way too late in the day. I actually went to the gym as an escape from the work, and I enjoyed it. Oh dear what is going on with me?

Well at least I havent changed too much. I had dinner with Mundy last night, a mate from uni. Mundy first studied geology, then archology but now works in some kind of food processing IT and lives in Italy but he is moving to london soon. This week he was doing work on a tortia factory in Northern Melbourne.

Having beers and a parma with Mundy was just like being back at uni.

Now to the 2 good beers from tonight, completly unrelated to last night. I ended up at Beer Delux with a colleague, havent been there for a while, it is a venue that always has the potential to present good beers but can fail. Tonight it delivered a couple of good’uns.

Mountain Goat Saison – reminded me of Saison Dupont, just as a saison should.

Black Lung from Dr’s Orders – black lager that tasted dirty and ashy and black, but in a good way. This is a very tasty beer, not one that should work though. But it does.

There was one other note worthy beer I had, one from Moon Dog called McGuava, I think it was a guava flavored berlinervise. I tasted the guava, got a hint of lacto on the nose but not quite enough on the taste, and otherwise just enjoyed the beer. It wasnt outstanding, but I did like it. Perhaps the idea of the beer more than the beer.  Good beer for thought.

Well that’ll do for now, I wont bore you with the beers that were not that good.

Have a good weekend, I think I will 🙂

Cheers D

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