Peach Saison….probably a bad idea

I brewed a batch of saison on the weekend. It’s also right at the peak of peach season, ripe peaches everywhere. So let’s do a 1+1=3, a peach saison. This is probably a bad idea but here goes anyway.

The process is simple, brew the beer, get the ferment going, take the stickers off the peaches (don’t want sticker flavor), cut the peaches in half, throw the whole lot in the beer. I’ve settled on this process from listening to the brewing network, reading and hearing what the Belgian brewers do. Oh and I didn’t wash the peaches so who knows what native bugs are present to add to the ferment (hopefully good ones)

And wait.

The beer smells good and the peaches smell great.

I need a name for this beer so give me some ideas.

Here are some photos.

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3 thoughts on “Peach Saison….probably a bad idea

  1. koongara says:

    and the name is Undoubtbly Peachy

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