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Sharking for chips and drinks...

Fasten your seatbelts, we’ve gone international. The following blog is broadcast live from London. Follow our journey via the wonders of the internets. Wot-ho old chaps!

This Guest Blog Post comes courtesy of Father WordMonkey of LondonTowne

My coffee apprenticeship started in the late 60’s with J. Lyons which became Lyons Tetley. 
Lyons gave me an old-fashioned but very thorough coffee education and I was trained in all aspects of tasting, buying and blending and the production process of roasting, grinding and packing.During my time there I became responsible for the quality control of all the various coffee blends as well as playing a large part in the development of new products including the launch of the first retail coffee bags in 1974.
Latterly, I sensed the impending demise of this once great British company (don’t get me started) and in 1979 joined, what was then, a small provincial…

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