hops, sheep and taps…another brewday done

The yeast is finally pitched and the brew day is done. Thats my 4th saison for the season done. As this beer begins I’m having the last of the first batch, what is so far the prefered recipe from my experimentation. Its by far the simplest of the first three beers, only bettered by todays all pilsner and Styrian golding brew.

The brew was fairly uneventful with three exceptions;

  1. I didn’t bring enough hops. Turns out the Styrian goldings I picked up were only 3.4%AA rather than the 5.4 Beer Smith had in as the standard value. This means the resultant beer is about 20ish rather than 30ish IBU.  There is a small metric shit tun of assorted hops in my freezer. These were no help when I was brewing some 200km away in a woolshed. Bugger. However the spicy flavor of the hops has shone through a bit, we’ll see if my recalculation to make the best of what I had works.
  2. Dad left a gate open in the yards and I had to do some mid boil stock work to make sure that several hundred sheep didn’t end up on the road.
  3. The tap on my kettle buggered up. The thing worked when I took a preboil gravity measurement but then refused to work when the beer needed to be pumped through the plate chiller. Had to play the game of what can I undo without getting covered in boiling wort. Got it to open but I think the tap is buggered, looks like a new tap is on the shopping list.

Other than these little hiccups, all in all it was a very zen brew. Anyway beer is now on its way, all to schedule, more or less despite issues with hops, sheep and taps. Time to start bubbling beer.


Cheers D


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