Lazy Saturday Eggs

Its Saturday, its raining and there will be no brewing for me today. I’ve got a bucks party to go to later on today, and a watch that needs fixing that will see me driving to Malvern (I think). So definitely no time for me to brew.

I do however have a recipe of my creation being brewed just a short walk from where I am drinking coffee. Dazz is brewing an IPA with some home-grown Columbus hop cones, looking forward to tasting it. It occurs to me now that this is practice for getting some beer made on contract. Giving someone else a recipe and waiting to see how the beer turns out it pretty much what contract brewing is all about. The difference is all about volume and $. More talk about that this arvo, no doubt over a beer. Can I claim beers at a bucks party as a tax deduction if it’s talking about developing a business?

Anyway more to what I’m doing right now and how it led me to a discovery. I made myself some baked eggs for a late breakfast this morning. Not really a recipe, put some mini tomatoes in a pan with some oil and chilli, put it in the oven for a while you walk down the street to get the paper, eggs and some bread. Good bread too, not that pre sliced shit. Anyway ….when buying said stuff at the little Foodworks supermarket in Yarraville I discovered that they have a pretty respectable beer range, Sierra Nevada, Moylans, Bear Republic, Green Flash, 8 Wired, Epic. Really surprised, in a good way. Will be going back there soon I thinks.

Now back to the eggs. When you get back home with the eggs crack a few of them in with the tomatoes, grab a handful of basil from the windowsill, add that too, put the whole lot back in the oven and make some toast and coffee, and you are set. Eat while reading the paper, make sure the eggs are still gooey.

I’d post a photo but I ate it 🙂

See taking time to make breakfast gives you a chance to find good beer.

Got to go now, more coffee to drink and paper to read, there’s an article on Anthony Bourdain.

Cheers D

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