The perfect saison recipe…my search for it no.2

I went to the beach on the weekend and spent a bit of time reading. Among the weekend papers and old magazines that seem to live at my parents caravan I had a re-read of Phil Markowski’s ‘Farmhouse Ales“. In particular I looked at the section on saisons. I love the depth of this book, covering the history, variations and commercial examples that make up the world of the saison. 

Reading through the specifications of all the famous saisons it made me have a rethink on my recipe formulation. I know I’m on the track with the pilsner malt but I might be over complicating the thing with all the character malts. Saison DuPont uses only pilsner malt apparently. I’m guessing the do this because its simple but you cant argue with the resulting beer.

So what do I do now? I think my next crack at a saison will be mostly pilsner malt with a kick of unmalted wheat and barley. The farmhouse brewer I want to be wont let me ignore the its there and “its free” appeal.

Hops?? I think I’m on the money with pearl but I think I need to have a crack at some goldings, styrian or UK, not to worried. Spices and all that other stuff may have to wait for a while, perhaps some grains of paradise at some stage. I need to note here that I have no idea what grains of paradise taste like.

If you havent had a Farmhouse ales and want to look into the world of saisons and beer de guard then you are missing out. Great read, not to heavy but great info.

More thinking and trial and error to go on this hunt.

Cheers D


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