Thai Post 1 – random thoughts on idleness

prologue; often when I go on holidays I write a journal, random thoughts scrawled down in a book of some sort, often with a beer in hand. Last October (2011) I went to Thailand, scrawled a few things, think I’ll post them. Here’s the first one, it’s pretty short.

Being idle in Thailand, reading the Bangkok Post and Nick Hornby. Lying by the beach and the pool, in the wind, the sun and the rain, more or less all at the same time.

Watching the waiter get order after order wrong. Trying to pass off the veggie burger that’s been sitting in the sun for half an hour as my cheeseburger. Picking up the salad that we didn’t order, but that I did have a pick at and putting it on the table next to us, where they apparently did order it, without even pretending to take it back to the kitchen and freshen it up.

Being so idle that I didn’t even go for a swim in the ocean even though I sat within a short handball from the beach all day.

I am however writing some beer recipes for brewing on return to Aus. They were written in a very idle manner though, just with an asian influence. Coconut seafood curry beer anyone?

Idle Cheers


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