Pistonhead low ridin’ lager, Sushi and Ebony

Pistonhead low ridin lager, Sushi and Ebony. WTF you say? yes I agree, that makes no sense at all, and the combination of the three is not some kind of dream combo. I would in fact suggest the complete opposite. What am I saying? i dont know, but read on and it might make sense.

I’m a touch down at the moment as Sushi, my companion of three houses and around 6 years has passed away. Sushi is a goldfish, I guess you’d call him the winner of the game of survivor that was my goldfish tank. He outlived Steve the Pirate by a good year or so (Steve the Pirate was also a goldfish). I think that will be the end of having a goldfish for me for a while, and no more me tapping on the top of the tank each morning as I fed him.

Actually I had sushi for lunch, not much of a thought process there, is that a tribute or a taboo? I don’t think he would have minded.

I’m also a touch sore at the moment thanks to the idea that I should get fit. After indulging in offal last week at the Station Hotel with Gerry (and a morning or two later I had kidneys) I had my first Personal Trainer session with Ebony. I had my second session today. I was sore after the first one, I will be worse after this one. Ebony is a smiling assassin. Evil. Making me do seemingly harmless exercises which lead to me being in pain. End result is I will be fit.

So I’m a touch down about sushi and sore from Ebony, what should I do? I’m not eating any offal tonight (although I could go some) instead I think I’ll try a new beer. Oh and exercise is also a perfectly legitimate excuse for drinking beer. So tonight I am drinking a beer that fits with the occasion. Its called Pistonhead Low Ridn’ Lager and it has a flaming skull on the can (that’s right can).

see it really is seriously cool packaging - its got a skull!


Skulls fit with the loss of sushi, and the flames for the Ebony induced pain. OK that’s a tenuous link but it’ll do. Whats the beer taste like? Well its a 5.2% lager from Sweden and the packaging is seriously cool. Really really cool, black can, flaming skull with a kind of mexican look, even the top of the can has a fan from a car engine. Have a look at their website here

The beer though is eh. It’s a lager, clean and unspectacular, it has all the european pills characteristics that you expect, not my favorite beer style. This is what they say about it;

First launched as a limited summer edition at Systembolaget in 2010, the Low Ridin’ lager is a smooth and somewhat light brew. It has a subtle sweetness from light caramel malt and a discrete bite from Fuggles and Amarillo hops. Today you can find it on ferries and at the German border trade. And if you’re lucky –in Australia. Stay low and slow!”

Buy this beer because the can looks cool, everyone will ask “what the hell are you drinking?” and there are definitely worse beers around. If you do, pour a little of it out on the ground for all of the goldfish that have passed.

May need to find some more offal and accompanying beers. I think Pistonhead could well accompany a nice bowl of Pho with beef and tendon.

Not tonight though.

RIP Sushi.

Cheers D


PS – I don’t know where Systembolaget is.

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2 thoughts on “Pistonhead low ridin’ lager, Sushi and Ebony

  1. I did indeed buy this beer becuase it looked cool, it’s now sitting in the fridge waiting to be drunk – going by your discription I might wait until it’s really friggin hot, then I might appreicate an easy to drink light lager.

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