Two Birds Golden Ale

I’ve tried this beer before and wasnt blown away by it. Oh sorry, the beer is Two Birds Golden Ale, the first beer from the solo project of Jane, ex Mountain Goat brewer (and someone else I think? I really should do more homework on this stuff).

As I started I’ve had this beer before and was I guess a little disappointed by it, this is by no means a comment that it’s a bad beer. Its fruity, well balanced, and crisp, and as it says would probably be good with food. But then again so are most non challenging gateway type beers. I think I was hoping for this to be my Stone and Wood Pacific Ale of this summer. I think the story of this beer inspired me to want to like this beer. A small independent startup, looking to get their own brewery, focus on good beer. I even like the label, simple, not covered in wanky pictures, but the beer just doesnt excite me. Last time I had it I got a burnt character in it, not getting that as much today, perhaps its a caramel hit from what ever they put in this beer to give it a little colour.

So what do we do with this beer? use it as a gateway beer. All your mates who are thinking Fat Yak is their favorite craft beer should be put onto Two Birds Golden Ale, or James Squires Golden Ale (which I think is a closer crack at a golden ale but I digress). From this beer it is just a little jump to a Stone and Wood Pacific Ale, a Little Creatures, then some Feral Hop Hog, and before you know it they are at Biero debating the merits of Brew Dog and Mikkelers latest extreme IPA.

Sweet and fruity with a nice malt back bone is my take on this beer. I think there need to be a few more hops and both the front and/or back of this beer. Not going to fall over myself to track down more of it, but I’ll probably have another one. Infact if you are off to a BBQ tomorrow, throw some in the esky with the lamb, Happy Australia Day!

Cheers D

NB – I wont be needing any of it tomorrow as I’m off to a mates place with the better part of a keg of my Galaxy Pale Ale. Again not the best beer in the world but it’ll go OK with the Aussie Day BBQ

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