Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers of 2011: Vote There!

Its getting close to Australia Day, a national day of rest, relaxation, listening to the Trippe J hottest 100 and eating lamb (got to love the MLA ads to eat more lamb with Sam K ).

As its often hot on Australia day I recommend cooking your lamb on the BBQ. When BBQing I always recommend having a beer. Which beer should I have you say? well an Australian made one, and not one of those mass marketed macro swill low carb flavor lacking things that imitate beer, get an Australian Craft Beer? But which one you say? well that depends but the beer drinkers of Australia will be helping you all with some guidance through the fourth annual Local Taphouse Hottest 100 poll.

If you like beer and you havent voted yet you should. Click here to vote

I just voted, here area my top 5.

  1. Stone and Wood Pacific Ale
  2. Coopers Sparkling
  3. Hargreaves ESB
  4. Otway Tailpipe
  5. I cant remember what the 5th one was????

Anyway go and vote, you know it makes sense.

Cheers D


2 thoughts on “Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers of 2011: Vote There!

  1. James says:

    Oh no…I completely forgot about the Prickly Moses Tailpipe when I voted! That beer was simply excellent.

    Now I want to vote again. bummer.

  2. koongara says:

    certainly a spot on beer James, plenty of other good’uns too though, might vote twice myself!

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