might as well go have a beer…..

Yesterday I arrived at work to find my computer had been stolen. That made for yesterday being a very productive day. Today I moved office as part of a building renovation. This so far has also made for today being a very productive day, so far for the day I have no email access and while half the lines in the building seem to be routed through my phone my direct number is not one of them.

So thanks to all technology failing me I have decided instead to post a bunch of things I have been meaning to write about. They are in no real order, just as they come to mind. There is some beer stuff and just some other bits and pieces.

  1. Dans Debut – If you’re looking for an IPA that ticks all the drinkability boxes head to the James Squire Brewhouse at the Portland Hotel on Russell st in Melbourne. As well as the beer being the first brewed to his own recipe by a mate its a good, not to heavy on the crystal, citrus hop focused drinkable IPA. I often use the measure of would I have a second pint as my true measure of a beer. I had 4 pints so question answered. I did however wake up with a huge headache at about 3am after said 4 pints. Now I’m not blaming the beer but I think it was a contributing factor.
  2. Kaos Kafe RIP – I spent last week at Lorne. Lorne was home to my favorite Cafe to have breakfast. Was. Now it seems to have new owners and the menu has changed. The menu now sucks, they have removed great items that I have been ordering for years, most notably the breakfast foccacia, something I have previously blogged about. The website says they still have it but its all a big fat lie. You bastards! that cheesy delight was my favorite breakfast. By the way your coffee sucks too. If you are looking for a breakfast location whilst in Lorne try either Moons or the burger joint next door to Kaos, or drive round to the Wye River general store (about 20 minutes) 
  3. The use of the hop back (the Blichman Hop Rocket). I’ve currently got a batch of a pale ale on tap that has only bittering hops (magnum I think, about 30 IBU’s) and then the hopback (100g of Galaxy in a 23l batch). While this gives a nice show of the hop character of Galaxy there is something missing in the roundness of the hop flavor. I think I will go back to throwing some late flavor/aroma hop additions in as well as using the hop back. I’ve also done a farmhouse ale the same way but with stella hops, will have to see how that goes.
  4. Buggy Beers – still havent tasted my brett fermented beer but I am looking forward to it. Not sure if I’ll keep the yeast to repitch or not but I am committed to doing more buggy beers this year. At the very least it’ll give me a good excuse to drink some great sour beers to get a bug culture going. mmmm Orval, Cantilion and I have a bottle of a bret aged beer from Halertau brewery in NZ in the fridge still.
  5. Pop up beer festivals – rather than having one largish do I need to get some smaller 2-3 keg days happening. Coordinating the hosts and the beers will take some doing. Must start on that soon.
  6. The Age Newspaper – why do they do the summer edition, a short version of the paper? If anything they should do a bigger paper for the holidays as I have more time to read on holidays. Please address this for next year. Speaking of reading, the new Matthew Riley book Scarecrow and the army of thieves is excellent, as is Sacred and Herbal Healing beers, both great holiday reading.

That’ll do for now, might see if my email and phone are working yet.

Cheers D


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