Little Bean Blue, a non beer post, more of a coffee one…

As its the post Christmas down time heaps of the city cafe’s are closed, including Crema Espresso Bar on little Collins where I usually get my coffee. Most often this is my own caffeine powered concoction of a large long mac, about 5 shots of espresso with a dash of milk. Mostly I get the organic one, it’s a nicer roast than their standard coffee. However right now they are closed and I am still addicted to my coffee.

So have to try some new places.

Yesterday I grabbed a coffee from Mama’s Boy (again on Little Collins) not a bad coffee, but sandwiches are their real thing. The meatball and meat loaf toasties are excellent. Got to love a good sandwich.

Today I went into Little Bean Blue. I know nothing about this place other than it seems to mostly do coffee, looks cool and new and had a cold drip machine set up on the counter. They also had the array of pour over gear that seems to be the new coffee thing in Melbourne. I’ve had a pour over once at St Ali, liked it but didn’t love it. I think I’ll have to try an ice pour over, sounds like the perfect summer coffee. Anyway to my coffee. I went safe, had a strong latte (I usually get this or a long mac). Excellent, smooth, chocolaty, soft coffee. Excellent coffee. A little more expensive than my regular hit but still the goods.

Did I mention that this was a non beer post? OK I’ll sneak a little beer stuff in. I’m thinking about what the best way to get some coffee into a beer is for me? I’ve put plunger coffee into the keg before, not really sure of the results as I also added bourbon and oak. I’ve also heard of adding coffee (plunger or espresso) to the boil. I also have the option of putting ground beans in the mash or adding beans to the ferment or in a keg, kind of dry beaning.

A few options there to think about, not sure which way I’ll go. Good coffee at Little Bean Blue though.

Caffeine kicking in now, better do some work.

Cheers D

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