Victoria Pale Lager – beer that does not taste like beer, a kind of Christmas tale

Tis the night before Christmas eve and all was quiet (OK not really). Ok tis the night before Christmas eve and Darren was wrapping presents. Bugger, two presents to go and duct tape just isn’t a festive adhesive tape. To the shops its was then, in a festive kind of manner.

As it was also around dinner time I decided I needed something festive to eat. As it turns out there is no such thing as festive or Christmas takeaway food in Yarraville. Bugger. Anyway fish and chips would have to do, chips ordered now for the sticky tape.

So with the tape done about a minute and a half later I decided to get a cool refreshing beverage to accompany the fish and chips. To the beverage section! (I got the sticky tape from the supermarket) Then the story of this post hit me. I spotted a stubby of Victoria Pale Lager. Thanks to a post by James at Beer, Bar and Band I am aware of this beer and its various qualities. Sorry that is lack there of. However I had committed to trying this beer myself, and as I am a scientist I needed to try it in the same environment as James. He had it with fish and chips. I’m having fish and chips.

So that was it, I purchased one of those odd little green embossed bottles (and some Feral Hop Hog 🙂 to wash the taste out of my mouth). So my comments on the beer – it does not taste like beer. I want to say its a little light struck but I also doubt it has any actual hops in it. James tried to use this beer to wash down fish and chips (as I have) that is where he made his first mistake. This beer is for washing windscreen’s. Go read Jame’s post he covers the beer better than I can be buggered, its rubbish.

The fish and chips were great though, if you live in the western suburbs of Melbourne give the guys at Under the Sea on Anderson St a go. Always good service and great fish and chips.

That’s it for me now, I’m going to get a real beer and finish wrapping presents.

Merry Christmas!!!

Cheers D


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