be positive, be positive, be positive

Nope I can’t. I really do want to be positive about things, especially things that I like. However reality kicks in, writing about two beers tonight, one from Siera Nevada and one from Red Duck. Neither have set my world on fire. Not sure if I was expecting too much of them, had myself in a bad frame of mind when tasting them or just picked beers that arnt really in my zone of happy beer goodness right now.

So here area the beers.

Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest (2011), wet hop ale. I’m feeling a little stupid right now as I can’t figure out when “Fall” is in the Northern Hemisphere is, that’s when the beer was made, and therefore an indicator of when the beer was made. I think it’s now? but its Sunday, I’m a touch tired and I actually drank the beer last night. Anyway a harvest beer is appropriate right now, the canola harvest is underway on my parents farm (going about a ton to the acre, just incase your interested).

This beer though, its familiar yet different, there is something of an English pale to it, but the hops are different. It’s too bitter, there’s also a kind of resiny winey hop flavor to it and the bitterness really hangs around in your mouth. A touch of caramel rounds out the malt, but it was a little thin. This leaves me thinking that this, a beer I was really looking forward to wasnt that good. disappointing. Still I have another bottle of it in the fridge so it’ll get a second crack, will see how that one goes.

Now to the beer that is in my glass right now. Red Dusk Burton Strong Bitter. A pretty simple english bitter, some caramel malt, some earthy hops, some mineraly flavors. It’s a good crack at the realm of an English Bitter, I might like some more hops in it, both in aroma and bitterness, and some more body to the beer but its pretty good. Not really fair to say I’m disappointed by this one, its a good solid beer with nothing wrong with it, just doesnt make me want to jump up and down.

So there you go, two beers that havent made me jump up and down. Might be part of the time and place thing that can make something seem more than it really is. Might be that I just don’t have that thing going on for these beers right now. I’ll be trying them both again, and definitely will be having beers from these two brewers again. Good beers, made by good people, just not hitting my beer nerve tonight.


Cheers D



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