Tailpipe, a beer by Prickly Moses, and bad TV

Its Sunday evening, as per usual there is bugger all on TV. I just struggled through some of the rebirthed “Its a knockout”. Not real good. There was some show with that Irish guy who won Australian Idol earlier, it was a cooking show so he wasnt singing, but it was crap (at least partly to his involvement) so that was bad. Now I’m watching a little of Terra Nova, a largely crap show that puts time travel, dinosaurs, dying earth and a conspiracy theory together. As I said it’s largely crap.

So what do I do?? well I do need to iron some shirts, that is need not want so I’ll procrastinate a little by having a beer. A new (well at least to me) beer and a local beer, Tailpipe a BIG ASS BROWN ALE from Prickly Moses. This puts a style that I like, the US version of the brown ale (kind of dark IPAish beer) in the hands of probably the closest brewery to where I grew up, Prickly Moses.

On my first tasting I get caramel, malt and hops. Its a fullish beer with a nice firm bitterness. I think they are probably US hops, like Centennial or Cascade, it is after all an American style beer. I like it. I’m not exactly sure when this beer was made (it’s a one-off I think) but I’m guessing that the hops may have faded a bit since then, it’s still nice but I think the hops would have had a much stronger presence in this beer when it was fresher. However I think the malt is the star in this beer. Its has a real balance, the sweetness just makes the hops seem right. Its kind of a hoppy porter.

Nice beer, maybe it was fermented a little hot though?

I’ve had US hoppy brown ales before and as a rule like the style, not that I’m sure that I like calling it a style. Its a hopped up version of a brown ale, or a browned up version of an IPA, not a huge IPA mind you. I’ve brewed versions of this, the first was thanks to Mike “Tasty” McDole of Brewing Network fame (among other things). This was his Jannets Brown Ale, a great beer, and a recipe openly shared and enjoyed by many. One of the reasons I love this beer, other than it skips outside all the style guidelines, is that its popularity was no doubt assisted by a homebrewer sharing a recipe, something not all homebrewers do (or pro brewers for that matter). To prove how far flung this recipe has been shared just web search it, you’ll find plenty of hits.

Now to the name of this beer, its out of character to the other beers made by Prickly Moses. I’m guessing from the name and picture on the car that the brewer has a thing for cars. This is a bit of an out of character hobby for a brewer, generally brewers have backgrounds in science or IT (yea I don’t get the link either what do computers have to do with beer?). I guess its ok for a brewer to immortalise something that he really likes on a beer bottle.

Buggered if I know where you’ll find this beer, I think I grabbed the last few bottles from Cloud Wines on Clarendon St South Melbourne. If you see one, grab it though, and think about cars when you drink your Tailpipe.

Got to iron those fucking shirts now.

Cheers D

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2 thoughts on “Tailpipe, a beer by Prickly Moses, and bad TV

  1. Not sure when you bought this at Cloudwine, but I can confirm there were still more and a couple of bottles left on Friday. Picked up a single off the back of a couple of reviews I’ve read suggesting it was very good, only a single mind you as I tend to be disappointed with Prickly Moses, looking for redemption from this.

    • koongara says:

      I got them yesterday afternoon Leon, and I yep I totally agree that many of the Prickly Moses beers tend to underwhelm me. My tip is to look for the ones with labels that stand out from the regular offerings. Tailpipe, Black Panther and Raconteur have all been good beers

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