Occupy What??

This is a completely non beer post, just some thoughts I had this morning on the whole Occupy everything movement or idea. I work in the Melbourne CBD and today had to attend a meeting on the other side of the Fitzroy Gardens. To get there I also walked through the Treasury Gardens. As it’s a corker of a day walking through the gardens was great, a really nice start to the day.

I also got to wander past Captain Cooks Cabin. Someone in the meeting questioned why this little building is in a Melbourne park. I would have thought Captain had more of a connection to Sydney or perhaps even Tahiti (ok that may not be appropriate).

I also got to walk past the protestors or occupiers who loosely fit under the banner of “Occupy”, they might be called “Occupy Melbourne” I dont know. They are camped out in the Treasury Gardens and as best as I can tell fit in about as well as Captain Cooks Cabin in the gardens next door. I have no idea what the y are doing there. I get the basic idea about how the Occupy Wall Street thing kicked off against corporate profits or greed (I think) but then the whole thing seems to have gone multi directional (I could perhaps say pear-shaped) and become a group of assorted do-gooder, wingers and lost causes. I can only guess that they are in favor of (or perhaps against) a bunch of issues. I’m also guessing that I’m in favor of some of these things (and no doubt against a bunch more).

What did amuse me, walking past them a bit after 9am, was that it reminded me of a bunch of people sleeping in assorted swags and sleeping bags, sleeping off a big night after a 21st party or a B&S Ball. OK there were no utes, and the B&S Balls usually had a more consistent purpose for everyone being there, but it had that same lazy hung over look to it. I must add that as far as camping goes these people are doing a pretty ordinary job.

The best way I can describe their camp out is that I don’t get it, and I don’t think they will achieve anything. Kinda sad for them but if they can’t even have a message other than something is wrong then how the hell can they expect support or change?

That’s my thought on that anyway.

Cheers D

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2 thoughts on “Occupy What??

  1. rooboy35 says:

    what else are the unemployed going to do with their days?

  2. koongara says:

    make cheese Dean, make cheese

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