WTF?? Billy B’s Apple Beer Golden

So I’m having a cider right now, not my usual choice of beverage but this one is a little different. Its been sitting in my fridge for a while, tempting me to drink it. I was saving it for something I think but now I cant remember what? I do however remember how I came to poses this beer.

I was in Slow Beer, searching for my next favorite beer and I asked “whats the nearest thing you have to an australian lambic or wild beer” This is what I ended up with, a cider with two labels. One all classy, looking like something an early 80’s cooking show would have used as a backdrop. I think my parents have place mats that look something like this. This label says “Thorogoods Vintage Cider – Basket pressed, barrel aged and beautiful.” The other label is round, orange and says “Billy B’s Apple Beer Golden” kind of like a price slashing sticker on BBQ chicken at Coles on a weekend.

The word beer got me. I was led to believe that it’s a beer with some apple juice. I think its more in the land of cider, with the added benefit of a nice sour buggy twang. Its nice and apple focused, and sour. There are some good bugs in this beer, and perhaps a touch of oak? It’s really a fresh apple juice though, they say it’s from Granny Smith and a dash of Golden Delicious. I’m also getting something spicy. It is indeed interesting.

But what I’m getting visions of when I drink it is more interesting. Billy B sounds like a hillbilly. He may or may not have teeth. From Billy B I go straight to thinking Billy Bob, which of course puts in the face of Billy Bob Thornton, Brad Pits Mrs’s Ex, Bad Santa and the creepy guy from Sling Blade. The other Label – Thorogoods, takes me straight to George Thorogood and the Destroyers – 1 bourbon, 1 scotch, 1 beer, and bad to the bone.

This is hard drinkin, rockin, hillbilly cider. It may or may not have malt in it but I like it. It’s also 12% ABV so like Billy Bob and the Destroyers, given a chance it could do some damage to you. The Thorogoods website doesnt add a whole lot more info, other than it’s an English farmhouse style cider. I’m thinking now that there might not be any malt in it. The website does make me realise that I’ve seen the makers on TV before talking about their cider in its early days, this was on the ABC’s ag show – Landline. Dont remember when this was, but it was more than a year or so ago.

So there it is, my first cider review, kind of unintentional but not to bad. Wonder if I’ll buy it again? It’s certainly a welcome change from all the nasty sweet ciders that pretend to be all genuine, and this is 100% genuine, hand made, not from concentrate and fruit flavor real cider.

I think I will end up having this more than once.

Cheers D


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