Taste, smell, blogg. I’m back baby

OK been a while since I’ve actually written anything on this damn blog, I have been a bit slack. Now its time for me to write something. I havent done any holiday posts yet, I do have them written down in a draft form on paper but that will require me to do some boring transcripting. That will suck. Right now I’m a few beers down after a trip to Mur Mur with my barber Jugga.

Now the beers on offer at Mur Mur were straight off the bat above what I expect from a Melbourne inner city bar. Tonight we had the option of drinking local or imported, and the imported ones were ones that I actually wanted to have a crack at. Jugga was keen so I set the menu.

Beer No. 1 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – great beer, nothing too complicated, just a pale ale with a citrus background from the Cascade hops. This is the beer that launched a thousand pale ales. I’ve had it before and I still like it.

Beer No. 2 Brooklyn Brewery IPA – havent had this beer before but it’s a great beer. Its mellow and smooth but has a decent level of hop flavor (grapefruit) and bitterness, and there is a clear melding of an english style yeast and US hops that I love. This is a great beer.

Beer No. 3 Siera Nevada Torpedo. Again  I’ve had this beer before and it’s a goodun. Great beer that is hoppy but also smooth. This beer was made to showcase the hop Citra and it does it so well. At over 7% ABV this beer is dangerous.

Beer no.4 Now we are in trouble. Brooklyn Local No.1 apparently this is Andy the Barman’s favorite beer. It’s a 9% golden/tripple that has a nice spicy and boozy flavour. I like this beer but its pretty heavy. Perhaps not great for a Friday evening beer. This beer will fuck you up, yellow, pale, light but it’s also complex. I’m thinking that getting a second bottle of this could be a bad idea.

So that’s my beers for the evening, I also had a colleagues IPA with way too much Topaz hop in it. Bleagh to Topaz. I really don’t like that hop.

Anyway thanks to Andy at Mur Mur. Your bar is awesome and you really know your shit when it comes to making cocktails. There were some good-looking things being produced there, perhaps I’ll give them a crack another evening.

Cheers D


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