Home again

I have been a slack blogger. I am not however sorry for this as the idea of getting up from the deck chair to blog just wasnt something I could bring myself to do. Anything other than get a beer (OK have one brought to me) or have a swim (tough decision, pool or beach, both?) was just a thought process I couldn’t get my brain around. Thailand is just that kind of place.

I did pen a couple of notes that will get blogged in the next week or so. I propably wont be suprising anyone in saying that the Thai beer scene isnt that extreeme. Won’t be posting them now though, to tired, bit of jet lag kicking me.

In other news the results are in on the Australian Amateur Brewing Championship. Neither of my two beers received podium finishes, just missing out with a 4th place for my Tripple and my IPA got 10th.

Thats it for now, having a beer now, work tomorrow. Boo. More posts to come.

Cheers D

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