Fingers crossed for a day of winning

I seem to be developing some kind of routine. Routines are something that I’m not entirely into, like watching any show that has people in a competition where they sing or dance (professional or amature) and the judges get way to excited about it. Its just not me. However this routine is OK with me, but to be fair its a fairly tame level of routineness.

For the past three Saturdays I have had the baked eggs and two strong latte’s at Wee Jeanie in Yarraville. Not only is this the closest quality cafe to my apartment (just over the train crossing) but they also serve bircher, so Jacqui is happy. Coffee’s good. Eggs are good, runny and covered in some form of spicy relish called kasundi (?) and cheese. And according to good information the bircher is pretty good to.

Starting the day with a good breakfast is always a good thing. Especially a day when there is so much winning to potentially set to occur. Today I have a bunch of beers in Vicbrew, OK and tomorrow. Fingers crossed they do well. As previously blogged I’m happier with this years beers than my efforts last year on whole, but I would have liked to have a few more entries. Also even though it’s not about the winning I cannot deny that a prize or two would be nice. Cross your fingers for me and direct some good vibe thoughts towards my beers if you have a spare second or two please people.

Today also sees the Geelong Football Club playing the Westcoast Eagles in the AFL Preliminary Final. All I can say is GO CATTERS!!!!!!!! fingers crossed for a win here. I will be at the ground barracking as hard as I can to help get Lingy and the boys over the line and into the Grand Final. GO CATTERS!!!!!!

And now to the final potential winner, the hangover of Jason. Its my good friend Jason’s Bucks Party today. I’ll be getting there a little late thanks to the footy but I will be there eventually with the assigned task of assuring that Jason does not sneak off and hide, thus preventing his hangover from having a win. I am seeing my role in this bucks party as being like the sub in AFL, an impact player brought into the game at a stage where a fresh set of legs can reinvigorate the rest of the team. This may involve a bit of a cath up strategy for me, perhaps with a shot or two. I may require Jason to join me with this. This is how I will ensure that Jason’s hangover will be the winner come Sunday morning.

So here’s to winning. Bugger all that talk of just by being in the game you are a winner crap, I’m all for winners!. Go beers, Go Catters, and Go Jason’s hangover!

Cheers D

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