a nothing post

I had a good day today, got plenty of work done, booked a holiday, went for a run and am currently enjoying a pint of my imperial IPA. Again its a house beer that I am very happy with.

Anyway nothing much to write about relating to beer, just two small things.

Firstly I had dinner at the Montague Hotel in South Melbourne with Jacqui last night where I had a Stone and Wood Stone Ale. Nice beer that I had been wanting to try for a while. I think they make it with heated rocks in the boil and or the ferment. Not sure but the beer had a great malty caramely flavor. The Montague didnt have huge beer list, but it was a very respectable one. The Wagu burger I had for dinner was pretty good too, but the idea of how a wagu burger would taste any better than any other breed of cow burger is a little strange to me. Actually no, its bullshit. Nice pub though.

The second thing is it looks like there is a great line up of IPA’s at Biero tomorrow night. Might have to try and drop by.

Cheers D

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4 thoughts on “a nothing post

  1. The Montague is somehow related to The Courthouse in North Melbourne which has one of the best beer lists around.

    I like to think of the Monty as Courthouse-lite, sort of a dumbed down version for the southern suburbs people.

  2. Stu says:

    The wagu burger should be called – “Wagu burger, made from the bits that aren’t good to eat”. I know its a long title for a little burger but at least its honest.

  3. koongara says:

    cant wait to see someone do the marketing spin on highly marbled mince

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