Vicbrew beers, 7 out of 8 ready to go

So with all the meeting meeting meeting that I blogged about yesterday done (yes but now a gut load of work in front of me) its time to get my Vicbrew beers all lined up for the comp. Beers are due on Saturday September 10 (that’s the day after tomorrow). I have no idea why they need them two weeks before the judging but its all run by volunteers so I guess they need to make sure they have plenty of time.

Anyway I have 7 out of my 8 beers ready to go, the only one not in the bottle is the Cosmic Tex Imperial IPA which I am having a glass of right now as I type. Technically its still conditioning and I think I’ll give it until Saturday morning untill I bottle it. Just want the carbonation to settle a bit and let a bit more of the hop matter and yeast drop a bit more. It will have another two weeks in the bottle to continue to drop a bit but its still nice to let the thing rest a bit more. I really am rushing this beer out. Anyway its tasting pretty good, no idea how it will score but its a damn nice beer to have as my ‘house beer’. Although an imperial IPA may not be the most responsible session ale to have on tap.

So what have I entered?

  1. Category 8.2 English Best Bitter – Mannering Bitter
  2. Category 10.1 Brown Porter – Hammer Time Porter
  3. Category 12.1 Forigen Extra Stout
  4. Category 13.3 Imperial IPA – Cosmic Tex
  5. Category 14.3 English Barley Wine
  6. Category 15.3 Tripel
  7. Category 18.2 Specialty Beer -Coco Nib Porter
  8. Category 18.6 Specialty Beer – Oak Aged Stout

I was going to enter a saison that I have kicking around, made with a big whack of Abbey malt thats kind of a brown saison but as they will judge to style the interpretation of a saison will just see the beer knocked on the head. I’m not entering as many beers as last year, perhaps a better selection of beers though. I also havent been brewing as often so there isn’t quite as much beer kicking around my house to enter. I do have a US amber, but that doesn’t really fit in a category. I also have a IPA done with a witt yeast, but I already have my two beers in specialty. There is also a stout that’s more of a black beer. Very drinkable but not really something that fits in one of the style boxes.

Anyway thats the beers that I’m stumping up to Vicbrew. In it to win it of course, anyone who says they dont want to win is kidding themselves. However winning is not what it’s about, its nice but not what its all about. All good comps, especially this one is about objective feedback. Actually it’s probably subjective but that’s just me being picky. Lets just call it independent feedback on your craft, something I am all about. Anyway will report back on how I go, or my beers go to be more correct when I get some results.

Footy tommorow night, Go Cats!

Cheers D


2 thoughts on “Vicbrew beers, 7 out of 8 ready to go

  1. Stu says:

    Chant with me everyone
    We are COSMIC TEX, we are COSMIC TEX –
    We are COSMIC TEX, we are COSMIC TEX!

    This will probably only mean something to you if you’ve been close to the Essendon cheers squad at a big game, ie v Carlton (one draw one serious loss), v Collingwood (one good effort but not good enough) or v GEELONG (one AWESOME victory)…Bring on the finals! Oh and Tex, of COSMIC TEX fame went to sleep singing “See the Bombers fly UP” tonight. That’s my boy.

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