Spear Tackle = James Squire

Today I had a day of meeting followed by meeting and meeting and meeting. After that we had a beer or two, nothing that was exciting, beer none the less. It was cold and in a glass, other than that it had no great redeeming factors.

So after my work beers I had a personal beer. unfortunately it wasnt so great. This was Sear Tackle, the much publicised yet not well delivered beer from the Portland Hotel in Melbourne. Spear Tackle isn’t a bad beer, but it is a beer that does not excite. This beer is a prime example of hype over substance, perhaps the have been taking a note out of the Thunder Road book, all hype no substance?? Anyway the beer was so so. It wasnt bad but I dont seen any reason to say good things about it. The hop profile was ??? the malt was ??? this is beer made on a small-scale system that allows experimentation. In this case this was a safe beer with no experimentation.

Rather than Spear Tackle it should have been called soft option. Not a bad thing, but nothing that will excite. Time for the Portland to get a home brewer on side to make some beers I think, bit of direction and vision needed.

So if you are wearing your suit and its a Friday evening get a Spear Tackle, its OK. If you want a great beer get something else. I still like the IPA they usually have on tap.

Thats enough for me now, I have more meeting meeting meeting tomorrow.


Cheers D


4 thoughts on “Spear Tackle = James Squire

  1. krandall says:

    So Thunder Road is all hype eh? They are right near my house and I was looking fowrard to walking down there this weekend and drinking lots of their micro-beers.

    Tell me Dazzla, will it be worth my 20 mins walk? Are you giving Thunder Road a thumbs down, or just a meh??

    • koongara says:

      No thumbs down at all, actually they have the potential to be awesome, all the toys and it looks like buckets of cash. So far all I’ve seen from them is bland beer and pretty girls handing out keyrings. However with the setup that they have I am expecting good things, or perhaps hoping for good things. I’m looking to have a peak at the place in the verry least when its open. Let me know what you think of it. Also Kate have some coco nib porter for you

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