Vic Brew and Man Flu

I’ve got a bloody cold or flu or man flu. What ever it is I don’t like it. My head is blocked up and my taste buds have deserted me. It’s a pain in the arse as I have a busy week on and am trying to get a holiday (a so very needed one) booked.

It’s also a pain in the arse as I’m lining up my Vic Brew entries this week, due in on September 10 – that’s this Saturday. Taste buds are an important tool for this process. I bottled some of the coco nibbed porter last night but really couldn’t taste it properly. I also need to bottle up my oaked stout and Cosmic Tex IPA. I think the stout is ok so no need to worry about tasting that, and perhaps, just perhaps the 130ish IBU’s of Cosmic Tex may cut through my man flu.

Looking forward to being rid of the man flu and tasting my Vic Brew beers. Better go get some drugs now. If you plan to enter something in Vic Brew better get cracking, you have 4 days.

Cheers D

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