How to make a Greyhound = My Friday theft

Today is a beer free post with the idea pinched from Herbie likes spaghetti (which can be found here , who looks like they’ve pinched it from somewhere else. Herbie Likes spaghetti always has fantastic pictures on their blog, unlike my poorly lit photos taken with a camera that you can skim across water. I also don’t have a cat. Go to their blog for the info on making this drink as my instructions, while functional are nowhere near as pretty or informative as the ones they posted.

Anyway back on topic. Its how to make a drink called a greyhound (no it’s not a dog). Grapefruit juice, vodka and ice. Nice and simple, full of vitamin C and depending on who makes it full of vodka. I think this drink would have been just the thing for the early sailors and explorers. Dont want to get scurvy.

No not this kind of greyhound stupid

I think there is some connection about it being a bus line and getting out-of-the-way of a hurricane in the US, or perhaps getting hammered and sitting out the hurricane. I don’t know. Just seems like a good thing to post on a Friday when it looks all sunny outside. That and the girl making the drink seems really happy about it. I am uncertain if she is in direct threat of hurricane attack.

OK so here is the link, I should be able to have the you tube video thing appear here but the damn thing wont let me. I think its something to do with my work computer.

Happy Friday

Cheers D

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