Red Duck White Garden

I like jam. I like beer. I like rhubarb. So when I find something that combines all three how could I refuse??

Truth be told I couldn’t. This beer is Red Duck White Garden, picked up at my visit to their shop in Camperdown earlier in the week. This fits in their Limited Release product line, good luck finding it. Anyway what does the beer taste like. It’s a white beer with a bunch of malted and unmalted wheat, I’m guessing that means Witt. It has a nice tart backbone and is really nice and refreshing. Then there is the jam. According to the bottle it has loads of raspberry and rhubarb Jam. It doesnt taste like a jam sandwich but it does have a real deserty taste to it, kind of like a baked jam desert. It’s not sweet though, the tartness covers the what could be sweet jam, and just leaves a nice level of fruit aroma and taste. The pink hue is only slight too, just enough to make you say “yea I can see some pink in there”.

Red Duck White Garden, beer with jam!

It’s the tartness in this beer that really makes it stand out. Many witts are floral sweet bombs. Not this one and I like it. On a hot day I reckon you could drink a shit load of it, but as I said its a limited release so good luck doing that. This beer speaks to what I think craft beer is all about, beer made by a pro brewer but with the heart/mind of a home brewer. I mean who would really put jam in their beer? The guys at Red Duck, that’s who, and I like it.

I’m trying to work out what to have with this beer. Cheese, meat, perhaps an apple? Salt and vinegar chips? who knows I can’t figure it out. What I can say is I like this beer, and off the back of this am looking forward to the rest of their limited edition swag that I have sitting in my fridge.

OK dinner time now.

Cheers D

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4 thoughts on “Red Duck White Garden

  1. I can confirm the James Smith (of epicure writing fame) is indeed Crafty Pint. He also writes some other stuff for The Age including property articules, fashion, technolgy – is there nothing he can’t do?

  2. koongara says:

    Leon if he makes a mean dry martini, I’d say very little

  3. krandall says:

    Obviously if it is a jam-based beer, you need to have it with scones and whipped cream.

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