Growlers=good thing

This is what happens when you don’t read the paper for a day or two, you miss highly informative and interesting articles about beer. Check out this one from this weeks Epicure section of The Age by James Smith (who I believe may be the artist also known as the Crafty Pint?) – “Sign up for the draft”.

hmmmm we seem to be having some difficulties here, it seems that the blog editor does not want to play. Anyway go to The Age website and search for the article “sign up for the draft” by James Smith. It’s all about Growlers. Growlers are good. What is a growler? I have one and so should you, it’s a bottle that lets you take draught beer home from the bar/shop/pub. I am slightly envious of the ones with the flip top lid as mine only has a screw top. I’m guessing that the ones with the flip top are really no better but they look nice.

Anyway that’ll do for now. Go get a growler. If you are in Melbourne off the top of my head you can get them filled at Slow Beer, The Local Tap House, 2 Brothers and probably somewhere else that I havent figured out yet. Check them out, all good people. Again I can’t add links as the technology seems not to be with me today. On a side note I can also fill them in my kitchen, but that’s just homebrew.

Cheers D


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