It seems like my spare room is becoming a bit like the Thunderdome – two go in, one comes out. This is the room where I ferment the majority of my beers, and touch wood so far this is the only beer I’ve lost fermenting in this space.

I blogged last night that I thought there was something not quite right with my James IPA. I had a really quick taste on Sunday and all was well. Threw some dry hopps in on Monday, all was still well then. A tasting last night had me a little concerned, which was confirmed by another tasting this morning. The body has dropped out of the beer and there is a lactic sour note. Something other than regular brewers yeast. Bugger. It seems the less than sanitary conditions of my spare room has finally caught up with me. RIP James the IPA.

Now I have 2 options. Keep the beer or tip the beer. I think I’ll be tipping it down the drain. Always a difficult thing to do but life is too short to drink bad beer.

However the Cosmic Tex is coming along beautifully, ready to be kegged and round 2 of the dry hopps added. Think I’ll do that tonight. The nose on the beer is really holding up well, something that was missing in a bunch of my beers pre hop rocket.

So in this weeks Thunderdome it looks like Cosmic Tex walks away, and James the IPA has gone the way of Master Blaster.

Ah well better go now.

Cheers D



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