Ducks and Echidnas

Work took me to Camperdown and the surrounding district this week. Things are looking green and the cows all seemed to be generally happy. The sun was shining on Monday, although today things got a touch colder. I think there was even a bit of a frost this morning, although I wasnt up early enough to get the full experience of it.

Anyway when work takes you places you’d rather not be you need to mix in a thing or two that brightens the trip. Mix business with pleasure. Along with 4 day weeks and never going back to work after a holiday on a Monday this should be included in the welcome to the working world speech given to people at the end of uni, well perhaps not to Arts students, they probably wont get real jobs where these rules are needed.

So how did I mix business and pleasure today? and what does it have to do with ducks and echidnas?

The duck is easy. I was in Camperdown so I went to the Red Duck Providore and picked up a bunch of their limited release beers, I think I have an imperial stout, a porter with honey, a gruit beer, a Belgian porter with vanilla, and a wit with jam. I think that’s it? I’ll be trying these over the next week or two. Anyway I thought I’d get some of their beers as I was near the source but it turns out they have just moved the brewery from Camperdown (where the shop is) to Ballarat. Not sure what impact this will have on the beers, may be a bit hard to tell as I don’t think I’ve had any of these beers before. Havent been massively in love with any of their beers in the past but I’m looking forward to these ones.

The echidna? Prickly Moses. I dropped in to say g’day to Hendo who was tinkering with a couple of soon to be released beers a new (very bright and hoppy) batch of Raconteur, and a yet to be released brown ale. Looking forward to seeing both of them on tap. We talked beer but it was knock of time and we both had a few km’s to cover so I kicked on.

 Well that’s about it for tonight, I probably should be putting some beer for VicBrew in bottles but I can’t be arsed. The Oaked Stout is all good, the Choc Porter is still carbonating, Cosmic Tex is ready for the second batch of dry hopps, but James the IPA is not looking so good. just had a taste and I’m thinking there may be something wrong with it, perhaps a yeast other than the one I intended? not sure whats going on there. It tasted pretty good before I added some dry hopps? will check again tomorrow.

Right now I’m drinking a 12 month old Belgian Tripple that is a touch more carbonated than would be desired. Nice beer but a pain in the arse to pour.

I think I’m done now.


Cheers D


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2 thoughts on “Ducks and Echidnas

  1. Rick says:

    The Belgian porter with vanilla sounds amazing.

  2. koongara says:

    looking forward to it Rick

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