Friday you evil thing

Right now I am feeling a degree of pain. It is all self-inflicted, therefore my chances of getting any sympathy are slim, and I know that I am supposed to be old enough to know better, but it still sucks. I attended the Wool industry Event of the year last night, a work thing. The beers on offer were nothing to speak of, yellow and fizzy, but there were plenty of them. And a glass or two of red. Then the fatal mistake was made to go to the big house. Bad idea, more yellow fizzy beer. Anyway one day these venues will figure out the merits of good beer. I look forward to that day.

Anyway no brewing this weekend. I’ll need to take some dry hops out of Cosmic Tex at some stage on the weekend, and depending on how James is going, perhaps add some. I may even bottle some of the Oak aged stout, and some choc porter. There will be no brewing though.

I also havent been knocked over by the flood of tap handle drawings/labels/posters for Cosmic Tex or James yet. Not even Stu, who’s bloody idea this was has had a crack. C’mon Stu, I mean really, get out the water colours. I have had Clayton be most helpful in putting out a call to his Facebook followers asking them to “get out the Crayola’s”. This may result in the first ever crayon beer tap handle. I kind of like that. Anyway all entries to me please.

Ble. Thats enough for now. I need to get some lunch, or some caffeine, perhaps both and something greasy. And a beer. That should help.

So people, drink good beer, not the yellow fizzy stuff I was on last night, it make you feel very dusty. If you are having a beer this weekend have a hand crafted small batch beer made by someone who gives a damn. Trust me you will feel better for it. And that is your homework for the weekend.

Cheers D

PS – draw me a tap handle Stu!, or at least get Tex to

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