naming rights – Cosmic Tex Rebooted

2 Foot Tex IPA was named after a mates kid. His real name (the kid) is Archer, but Tex is one of the middle names, and he gets called that a bit. The name came from a drunken agreement made between myself and Stu, Tex’s dad at Meredith Music Festival about 4 years ago. Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins were playing on the Sunday, at about midday. It was bloody hot and dusty, we were both several UDL cans of varying flavor into the day. I recall that about the only way we’d found to keep cool was put ice down our underwear. Not such a good idea.

Anyway myself and Stu both have man crushes on both Tex and Tim. Somehow we ended up agreeing that if Stu had a kid he’d call it Tex (well he got it in as a middle name) and if I end up with a kid the name Tim is on the list.

Whose better half? Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins

So that’s the history to the beer name 2 Foot Tex IPA. This year the recipe has been morphed a little and Tex is a bit taller so the name needs to change. Stu has hit on the idea of the addition of the Galaxy hop making the beer cosmic. This leads us to the new name Cosmic Tex Rebooted. I added the rebooted bit, cos its a rebooted recipe. It’s also fitting that the cosmic word gets in there as the Galaxy hops are being added through a rocket. That’s all pretty cool.

So brewing this beer on Saturday, and another IPA, more of an English one. It’ll be a long brew day, still the worst day brewing it 10 times better than your best day in the office. Boo to the office!

Well there you go Stu comment on that! I know you want me to design a label and a tap handle but I really can’t be arsed. Anybody with some art like skills please feel free to go for it. I think something combining Tex Perkins, something to do with space, maybe Saturn, and lots of hops as there is a metric shit tonne of hops in this beer. 

Anyway send in any tap handle or label designs and I’ll post them.

Cheers D

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4 thoughts on “naming rights – Cosmic Tex Rebooted

  1. Stu says:

    Perfect. I totally forgot about the Rocket bit. There should be a good story behind the naming of things. Not much else to say but that in itself is a good story..even if I do say so myself. Perhaps there should be a cool refreshing beer that is designed to be consumed ice cold named after the ice shorts!

  2. koongara says:

    could not agree with you more Stu, reasons behind names are all good. Perhaps Ice Shorts could be an ice boc, nothing cool and refreshing about that though

  3. Stu says:

    as i remember there wasn’t anything cool and refreshing about the ice shorts either!

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