Sick day and customer service

Having a day on the couch today. Feeling crappy and not really a fan of it. Started feeling a bit shitty at work yesterday, blocked up in the head and just sort of vague.

Firstly daytime TV is really bad. Just watched a bit of JAG and am now into an episode of MacGyver. His mullet is awesome.

Secondly I’ve been having some issues with my home espresso machine. I usually start the day with at least one strongish coffee. Have done for years except for a weird 12 months in about 2005 when I went off coffee. Still don’t understand how that happened. Anyway I did a bit if tinkering last night and found a blown seal (yea I know the joke about the penguin eating ice-cream).  Thanks to that the idea of a new coffee machine is on hold and a new seal is on its way from the good people at the Breville customer service center.

I usually would struggle to put the words “good people” and “call centre” in the same scentence, first time for everything. One call, no redirections, spoke to a bloke called George who knew what part I wanted and had it sorted and on its way to me all for less than $12 in about 5 minutes. This was even cheaper than eBay. Breville gets two thumbs up from me for excellent customer service.

There is some line about if you get bad service you tell X number of people, good service no one. This is my crack at doing the opposite. Breville customer service is excellent! buy their stuff!

Until the parts get here I’m back to using my old Italian style stove top coffee maker, and until the machine explodes my plans for a new fancy coffee machine are on hold. I saw a way too fancy and overpriced one at The Sensory Lab (downstairs in Little Collins St Melb David Jones) but it looked the goods, however at $800 rather than $12 it;ll have to wait.

As there will be no need to lash out on caffien delivery devices I think I’d better go get some fittings so I can rig up some hoses to plug my hop back, march pump and plate chiller together. Not quite how that will work but I’ll figure it out. Anything other than watching more MacGyver. Like Richard Dean Anderson’s mullet this really hasnt aged well.

Coffee’s ready. Going now. Might have some panadol too.

Cheers D

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2 thoughts on “Sick day and customer service

  1. krandall says:

    Macgyver would have fixed the coffee machine with a rubber band, a nail and some lint.

  2. koongara says:

    I believe that the rubber band would be replaced with a used condom and the nail with a paper clip

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