Sunday and Batch 18, an 8 Wired production

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

I generally like Sunday. The morning is good. Sleep in and get some breakfast. The arvo is ok too. Perhaps a beer, perhaps some wandering, maybe even exercise (no promises on that though). Its Sunday evening that really lets the show down as it’s all that stands between you and Monday.

Mondays suck. I’m doing budgets at work right now. Finance is not my friend and the whole income v expenditure thing at my place of employment isn’t so great. Not shut the doors and walk away stuff, but it could be a whole lot nicer.

So how to make Sunday evening bearable I try to relax and chill out. Some TV usually makes up part of if for me, Bones right now, and a bit of Grand Designs. Ah Kevin the way you wander around a weird house shaking your head thinking “what the fuck are they thinking?” while commenting on how its wonderful that people can build their dream, and that it represents them being themselves and their spirit or something along the lines of that. I do like some of the funky buildings, Kevin’s jackets are often pretty cool too.

So what else can I do to get through to Monday? Have a beer, I’m off to the fridge right now, lets see how we go. Oh and tonight Bones is about finding random feet in Canada. I think that happened for real? OK beer time.

Jackpot time! I have a bottle of 8 wired Batch 18 – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. As I have previously blogged I pretty much love everything that Soren Eriksen, head brewer from 8 Wired has put out. From my first couple of sips this has not changed. This beer see’s my man crush on Soren continue.

It’s over 12% ABV so perfect for a Sunday evening (as long as you are not opperating heavy machinery). OK perhaps not. According to the bottle it has a shit load of malt and hops (perhaps some US ones?), a bunch of sugar, a couple of yeasts (perhaps the first one died mid brew?) and some coffee then chuck the lot in an oak barrel. How could that be anything but good? The best way to describe this beer is rich, really rich tasting. Its kind of desert like in that manner, not sweet, kind of bittersweet. Like a really dark chocolate, one of the good ones. I think the oak adds a little vanilla, and the coffee is there in the background. Have I mentioned I really like this beer?

I like it that Soren has made it to his 18th batch (and is probably made it past that now). From the course I went to yesterday (that wasnt really a course, more an ad but I’ll write about that some other time. Perhaps) bugger all breweries make it past the idea stage, something like 9%? So good for you Soren, and you make kick arse beers. The sweet roastiness of this beer is great.

I’ve got some beers in the making that are heading towards the land of flavor that this beer lives in. Not the booze, just the flavor. Following a room temp off the keg taste with Dan yesterday the porter on coco nibs has a chocolate topping like flavor, chocolate and more chocolate, and the stout on oak has a great woody, spicy, vanilla backbone on it. Both were great but need some carbonation sorted out in them. Personally I’m wrapped with them, was expecting some kind of mmmmm what’s that taste moment. Instead I just smiled. Like I did when I tasted the Batch 18. It really reminds me of Brew Dog’s Tokyo. Got all the same things going for it with a bit less booze. Still don’t drive after this one kids.

Have a nice Sunday evening people, and I hope Monday isnt so rough on you.

Cheers D

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