Guess what I’m going tomorrow?? Starting A Microbrewery – Short Course

If only the words “Short Course” wasnt in the above heading.

Anyway tomorrow I’m heading off to Black Rock for the “Starting a Microbrewery -Short Course”, it’s not cheap but I figure its worth spending a few bucks up front to save myself from big expensive headaches down the track. I’m pretty confident I have the beer making bit down pat, or at least enough so that I can make wort and throw yeast into it to a level where people will drink it (surely my friends don’t just drink it cos its free?) but the myriad of paperwork, licencing, councils, economies of scale and branding stuff is all foreign territory to me. This course looks to be the goods. If you want to see some info on it click here . Its run by a mob called Beverage and Brewing Consulting (not very original name I know) who I dont know much about but from my contact with them so far I’m feeling good about this one. I’m gettin up early on a Saturday for this course so it’d better be good.

Anyway I have a headache now, which is a bad thing for a Friday. Might go get some drugs

Cheers D


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