Sierra Nevada and procrastination

Sierra Nevada and procrastination. What do these two things have in common? Nothing you may say? well then you are wrong, as right now one is leading to another. I should be bottling some porter and Australian Ale or Barley wine but instead I have decided to write about the a beer that I have been drinking a bit recently, Sierra Nevada – the pale ale, the torpedo and the kellerwies (that’s probably spelt wrong).


This is thanks to Dan Murphy’s stocking them and there being a Da’s between my place and Jacqui’s. Also, all things considered they are excellent value, sitting on the shelf in Aus for about the same money as local beers that are nowhere near their quality, and that’s after doing a lap of the planet in a dingey tin box on a boat. These are good beers, the pale ale is a bit of a defining style beer. Think American Pale Ale and there is your ground zero. It may not be the absolute best APA in the world but it is bloody good. Kind of like what Coopers Sparkling is to Australia.

I wont bang on about the torpedo or the kellerwies too much. I’m more of a fan of the torpedo, but then I have some issues with many Australian IPA’s (too many crystal bombs) and the kellerwies reminds me of the wienstephan (yep that’s probably spelt wrong too), nice beer but when I had it last night it just didn’t fit the mood. I’m going to not recommend it as an accompanying beer for tacos.

Give them all a go though. I’m all about fresh local beer, which is why I’m looking at some Aussie brewers to take a lesson from this beer that sits in a big retailer from the other side of the world that probably has some age on it, yet presents so well. How do they do it? I don’t know, they just do it well and that’s worth a big pat on the back. I know it’s not very original to congratulate Sierra Nevada. They have proved they have the goods more than once. Nuf said.

OK that’s my procrastination done, I need to bottle this beer. Even though its comfortable lying here, typing, having a beer (an over dry hopped pale ale). Crack on self – to the bottling!

Cheers D

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One thought on “Sierra Nevada and procrastination

  1. koongara says:

    porter bottled, barley wine, well soon

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